Urban Conservation Area Garden

A large Edwardian home in a Manchester conservation area undergoing a major refurbishment needed a garden to suit it's  contemporary styling with a regional historic urban twist.


Modern influences such as the high line in New York, prairie planting such as Piet Udolph's work were combined in a deconstructed approach with classic japanese influences and historic local  components. The existing weathered red brick walls were left exposed with slat trellis and pleaching providing privacy whilst concealing modern brick additions to the upper courses. Gravel, oak railway sleepers and 'cobbled' setts mix in different ways with each other and 'walk on' planting to provide varied surfaces. All merge into bespoke cut modern 'plank' paving .

Reclaimed boulders, carefully planned topiary and three different sets of steps including a stepped bridge over the Zen 'pool' connect the patio area to the elevated garden. Full sun prairie areas face shade planting and outbuildings which culminate in a raised deck and pergola 

Before & After Gallery