Shady front garden

The design makes a focal point of the magnolia tree and uses large river pebbles to create a circular bed around the base.  Repetition planting of hellebores, euonymus and ferns provides evergreen year-round cover with snowdrops and bluebells for spring colour. 


Light coloured pea gravel is used to link the front garden to the drive and create winding paths around the tree inviting people to the front door.  Low stone walls are used to create raised beds with a central platform around a circular water feature. 


Evergreen structure is provided by formal topiary in pots and large shrubs; spring bulbs provide colour until the magnolia tree canopy emerges and then ground cover is provided by shade loving hostas, ferns and hellebores. 

Bespoke drive gates were designed, commissioned and installed to provide security. 

Before & After Gallery